Thank you in advance for using my services to get your property Sold.

Please to be sure to call Mike Hammack @ 804-356-4097 prior to making payment to be sure your property qualifies for our REtoggle Program.

***   It's imperative we both are excited about engaging in this project together.   ***

Because of the commitment required;  research, completion & preparation of the proper documents,  detailed review of the comparables & tax record, photo shoot planning, etc.,  prior to sitting down together, payment is required in advance.

Once payment has been received, we'll be in touch by both email and then phone

to schedule an "in house" appointment at the property you are selling.


In addition, we'll provide you with an input form, prior to our meeting, for completion to assist in our marketing efforts.

Sorry, this program is not available for Short Sales  or Foreclosures.