Total Selling Commission at Settlement is 4% or possibly 2% !
Listing Agent Receives 1% When Buyer Agent Involved
Listing Agent Receives 2% When No Buyer Agent Involved
Buyer Agent Receives 3% When They Bring The Buyer
$375.00 Admin. Fee Due at Time of Listing

1)      Here's The Total Fee

"Switch Your View" and put your money back to work for you.  We always give you more for less!  Your savings will range between 2 and 4% as well.  On a $300,000 house, this could be $6,000 to $12,000.

2)      Here's How It Works

You'll receive Full MLS Exposure, Full Internet Marketing (300 Plus Channels), Photography - up to 50 Pictures & Aerial Drone Photos as needed, Representation, Yard Sign, Supra Lock Box, Required Disclosures, Printed Marketing Materials.
Agents call First Advantage Real Estate to Secure all Appointments. Contracts Delivered to First Advantage - Presented & Negotiated with you by Mike Hammack w/Advice.  You determine the Listing Period from 120 days "up to" 180 days.

3)     Here's What You Do

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My exclusive marketing program "De.Tours" now included.

When an Agent Shows Your House, You Do Nothing Additional.
When a Buyer Contacts Mike Hammack, (Sign and/or Internet Calls), Mike Gives You The Lead - You Contact The Buyer, Set The Showing, Mike is Not There. (With +/- 200 Buyer & Seller Direct Sales Under My Belt, I've Learned The Seller Does A Much Better Job Showing Their Own Property.)  *We Have A Time Tested, Proprietary System To Make It Easy To Lock Down Your Buyer and Determine If They Are "For Real" and Serious about your house.   * This is a critical part of our system.
If You/We Find The Buyer, Call Me In, I'll Write The Contract.  Total Commission Due At This Point - Only 2% to Listing Agent @ Closing. (No Buyer Agent Involved.)​ You Save An Additional 2%. (Total Selling Commission At Settlement Is Only 2%.)
In this case, your buyer would be a customer, *non-represented. First Advantage represents you, the seller.  Potential advantage to buyer, better pricing terms. Seller has less commission to pay (2% of sales price), money that may be used elsewhere. (Footnote: * Buyers are entitled to representation, it's just a matter of who pays for it. I can assist non-represented buyers legally by providing what is called, "ministerial acts".)
In All Cases, I Work With You Through The Home Inspection & Other Settlement Procedures.

Footnote:  Another reason this program works so well, when a buyer chooses to see your house, often if there are obstacles, the listing agent may continue to work with them, showing other properties in the neighborhood or elsewhere.  Here, you have complete control over your buyer, making attractive offers, etc. as you so choose knowing your listing agent is not out working them somewhere else.

My FREE Gift To You, Service.

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