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If you have arrived at this site by the path of a domain, it's For Sale!

See how buying the right domain at the right price, results in a gigantic sale to Amazon  It's All About The Name.



My name is Mike Hammack and I'm here to help you find a domain that best suits your new business or project.  I started seeking (collecting) domains as far back as the mid 90's when the dot com was first released. Now with the release of new top level domains, you'll have many more options for a perfect fit.  See if I have anything in my portfolio that may help!  I add new extensions on a regular basis as others are utilized quickly because of my competitive low pricing.  Do a search on your own, you'll discover this to be a very time consuming process as most "good names" have been committed to or are much too expensive to acquire.

I have several hundred domains in my portfolio, your search has brought you to TopDot.Club. Feel free to make inquiries as to areas of interest to see what I have.

If you find something you like, do not delay, my inventory changes rapidly.

Telephone calls only returned after your "good faith" deposit has been made.

"Ultimately as a buyer, you'll need to decide the earning potential of your domain name."

Inventory Extensions














Check the WhoIs, all domains owned solely by Mike Hammack.

Deal Direct with the Owner.



The.Club sells for $500,000

Vacation.Rentals $500,300

Home.Loans sells for $300,000 sells for $900,000 sells for $26,000 sells for $1,200,000 sells for $225,000 sells for $2,500,000 sells for $2,700,000 sells for $225,000

Keep current with...


Xcite your new (or established) venture with a great, new "home address"!

Sample Listings:

Several .FUN (s) @ under $300 (NagsHead.Fun, BigSur.Fun, Kickstart.Fun etc.)

I've registered several prime beach locations, perfect for online magazines. @ $285,000

Blockchain for real estate data is on the way, opportunities with this domain.

Original Registrant, Registered 5/4/1999  ~$$ Premium $$~  Offers Accepted @ $$$  Make Offer

Created 2004

Google's new .app just added to inventory:   &

Large payments can be make through an escrow service or smaller payments by PayPal.

QR.Tours & Visual.Tours   just added to inventory!

Sale or Lease

Joint Ventures Considered

Richmond, Va ~ New start-up, I would love to engage and share my experience.

Negotiating Period ~ After you make your first inquiry, to proceed with negotiations, I'll need you to make a $100 deposit to confirm your "good faith". Should a written agreement not be ratified within 30 days, your good faith deposit will be returned or if an agreement is reached, applied to your purchase. You will be emailed a Contract of Purchase for the domain within 48 hours of receiving deposit.  Extensions granted upon mutual approval.  Your "good faith" deposit locks you into a first right on the domain name within the 30 day window.

Virginia.Bike & RVA.Bike are available.
Special ~ NoDice.Club just $375.00
Now Available:  .Gold
Indy.Gold  (Indianapolis)
RVA.Gold  (Richmond,Va)
arr.Gold  (Pirates)






& more!

Attracting and engaging an audience becomes easier if you have a memorable, reputable, and intriguing online presence. Premium Top Level Domain

Domain hacks offer the ability to produce short domain names. This makes them potentially valuable.

Below is a sample of how de.TOURS could be used.

Graphics, Marks & Designs are for illustrative purposes only, they are not included in the domain name sale.

How Much Are You Willing To Invest? Everyday!

Purchase would include EachKiss at both Twitter & Instagram


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