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"Meet Mike", Chief Idea Architect, CIA & Intellipeeks founder, an accomplished and esteemed figure in Richmond's real estate landscape. Recognized by the Board of Realtors and Richmond Magazine for years as one of the city's Top Brokers, Mike's journey began with a dynamic shift from pursuing Pharmacy at Purdue University to establishing himself as a seasoned real estate professional. With over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur, his rich background and extensive network set him apart. Mike's resume boasts an intriguing mix - from working as a stockbroker with a major Richmond brokerage firm to co-founding the renowned 'Homes & Land Magazine',  contributing to 'For Sale By Owner, Parade of Homes Magazine,' and the 'Housing Price Guide' which published and delivered in excess of 1,000,000 magazines throughout Virginia and Maryland.

Always a forward thinker, Mike blazed a trail during the early commercialization of the internet, spearheading the creation of one of its inaugural platforms alongside his team, known as As Moving Advice surged ahead, it encountered an unfortunate setback with the bursting of the dot com bubble, resulting in the eventual closure of Moving Advice.

Today, Mike and his technical team are focused on a new chapter, leveraging the potent force of AI technology to nurture creativity and innovation. At Intellipeeks, they passionately guide individuals or existing businesses in bringing their ideas to fruition. With their mentorship, your concepts gain wings, driven by cutting-edge AI and decades of expertise. The synergy between human creativity and AI possibilities makes Intellipeeks an incubator of boundless innovation. Join Intellipeeks in redefining boundaries and ushering in a new era of "limitless possibilities."

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Meet Mike "Audio"
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