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Mars Attacks
Mars Attacks Topps Trading Cards
Mars Attacks Story
Watching From Mars
Smashing The Enemy
Hairy Fiend
Death In The Shelter
Removing The Victims
Panic In The Parliment
Saucers Blast Our Jets
Attacking An Army Base
Earthmen Land On Mars
Death In The Cockpit
Giant Robot
High Voltage Execution
Beast And The Beauty
Watching From Mars
The Giant Flies
Destroying A Dog
Robot Terror
Burning Navy Ships
Crushing The Martians

Sample of animated NFT's. Click on each card to see the visual effects.

La Estella
La Chalupa
El Soldado
La Calavera
La Arana
El Alacran
El Valiente
El Musico
La Garza
El Tambor
El Borracho
El Pescado
La Corona
Loteria Collection On Curio

What is an NFT............An NFT is best thought of as a digital record assigned to a digital item and stored on the blockchain (like a “blockchain certificate”). Because NFTs are “minted” (or uniquely published) on the blockchain, anybody may access but not change the “certificate.” Thus, NFTs demonstrate digital asset ownership, provenance and authenticity. Note that the cool image or video the NFT user owns does not actually reside on the blockchain; rather, the record refers to a file that lives elsewhere on the internet (storing content on Ethereum, or most other blockchain networks, is prohibitively expensive!).

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